Education Programs

SD1 offers comprehensive education programs to teach about storm water and wastewater. These programs help us meet regulatory requirements while educating, engaging and inspiring students and other members of the community.

  1. Storm Water Education
  2. Wastewater Education

SD1 partners with local school districts to develop and implement an environmental unit that consists of five one-hour lessons that teach students the value of our region’s water resources. Geared toward fourth and fifth grades, the unit reaches thousands of Northern Kentucky students every year.

The five environmental unit lessons, which correspond with SD1’s Environmental Guide for teachers and Water Log Workbooks for students, are:

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SD1 also offers presentations and guided tours and field trips to groups that want to learn more about storm water and how it affects our community or want to learn more about the wastewater treatment process.

If you have any questions about SD1’s education programs, please call 859-578-7450 and ask to speak to the Environmental Educator.