Phase II Storm Water Permit Publications

Carpet / Upholstery Cleaning Services Poster (PDF)July 7, 2011Carpet and upholstery cleaning service facilities are at risk of contributing to the contamination of storm water and hurting our local creeks and rivers. Wastewater from carpet cleaning usually contains detergents, other hazardous chemicals and carpet residues that can disrupt aquatic life and can compromise public health. View this poster to find out how you can protect our waterways from storm water pollution.
Identifying and Eliminating Illicit Discharges Brochure (PDF)March 14, 2019Anything that goes through the storm sewer system is sent directly to a river or stream and is not treated for pollutants. Learn how you can identify illicit discharges and help protect the environment.
Maintaining Detention Basins Brochure (PDF)August 4, 2015N/A
Maintaining Inlets, Outlets and Catch Basins Brochure (PDF)February 6, 2020N/A
Maintaining Retention Basins Brochure (PDF)August 4, 2015N/A
Maintaining Swales Brochure (PDF)August 4, 2015N/A
Northern Kentucky Storm Water Feasibility Study - 1998 (PDF)March 31, 2014N/A
Phase II Storm Water General Permit (PDF)February 26, 2019SD1 has managed the Phase II Storm Water Program on behalf of the Northern Kentucky region since 2003. The Phase II General Permit governs storm water discharges and water quality across Northern Kentucky. The permit contains requirements for six storm water elements that must be complied with; these elements include education and outreach, public participation, illicit discharge and elimination, construction site storm water runoff, post-construction storm water management and pollution prevention. This is the 2018 Phase II Storm Water General Permit.
Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan Site Assessment FormNovember 8, 2017N/A
Storm Water Pollution Prevention Posters (PDF)September 17, 2014N/A
Understanding Overland Flooding Brochure (PDF)
April 28, 2017
When It Rains, It Drains Brochure (PDF)
February 20, 2020