Sanitary Sewer Billing

The pipes and treatment plants SD1 maintains make it possible for you to flush and drain wastewater from your home. SD1 makes sure it is conveyed through pipes and is cleaned at a wastewater treatment plant before it is released safely into the environment. The sanitary sewer fee you pay supports these important services. 

Rates for Fiscal Year 2019

Residential customers currently pay $8.11 for every 100 cubic feet (1 HCF) of water they use. The average residential customer uses about 600 cubic feet (6 HCF) of water each month, leading to an average monthly charge of $48.66

Non-residential rates and fees vary. For a complete list of SD1's rates and fees, click here.  

Every time water drains from your home, 
you add wastewater to the sanitary sewer system.

Your Bill is Based on How Much Water You Use


The amount of water you use determines your home's sanitary sewer charge. That's because water coming into your home typically exits through a drain that leads to sanitary sewers.

However, car washing, lawn watering and other summertime outdoor activities use water that does not drain to the sanitary sewer system, so SD1 uses a "winter usage factor" to compensate for this disparity.

The winter usage factor is calculated annually based on how much water you use during the winter months. SD1 gets this information from the meter readings taken by area water providers during the months listed below: 

Water Provider Meter Reading Dates for Winter Usage Factor
Northern Kentucky Water District  Oct. 1 - April 30
Florence Water District  Oct. 1 - April 30
Boone County Water District  Nov. 1 - Feb. 28

Choosing to conserve water during the winter months may reduce your usage factor and lower you bill. Click here to learn more about water conservation.


Cleaned wastewater flows from Western Regional Water Reclamation Facility. 


Non-residential customers are billed year-round based on their actual water usage because their water consumption can fluctuate depending on a variety of factors, such as production schedule. 

A special meter program is available to non-residential customers. A special meter monitors any water used that does not flow directly into the sanitary sewer system. If non-residential customers enroll in this program, they may apply once a year for a refund for their special meter water usage.

Prior to purchasing and installing a special meter, customers should read and understand the program regulations stated in section 403 of SD1's Rules and Regulations.

A list of SD1's non-residential rates and fees is available here

Learn more about SD1's billing methodology in section 401 of SD1's Rules and Regulations.

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