Regional Storm Water Management Program

Northern Kentucky's streams and ponds all depend upon the replenishing waters from annual rainfall and snow melt. However, when rainwater flows over land and hard surfaces like paved streets and parking lots, it can pick up pollutants. Oils and debris from streets, pet wastes and chemicals from fertilizers and pesticides used on lawns and landscaping are washed into street gutters and storm drains by rain water and practices like watering your lawn or washing your car. Street gutters and storm drains carry storm water and any pollutants it picks up directly to local creeks and rivers. Bacteria, chemicals and sediment from these pollutants create public health hazards, harm wildlife and can disrupt recreational activities like fishing, swimming and boating. 

When rainwater flows over land and hard surfaces like paved streets and parking lots, it can pick up pollutants.


Storm water management refers to the development of effective programs and policies that focus on preventing storm water pollution and managing the quantity of storm water runoff. SD1, with the direction of local leadership and citizen focus groups, has developed a Regional Storm Water Management Program.   

Storm water runoff is considered to be one of the most significant sources of pollution to our nation’s waterways. For this reason, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) has developed storm water regulations to address pollution from storm water runoff and now requires communities across the nation to develop storm water management programs. Under Northern Kentucky's Regional Storm Water Management Program, SD1 ensures compliance with these regulations and operates and maintains the public storm sewer systems.  

For more information on Northern Kentucky’s Regional Storm Water Management Program or to report water quality concerns or illegal discharges into the storm sewer system, call SD1’s main office at 859-578-7450.
Click here, to download a map of SD1's storm water service area.

Storm Water Services

Northern Kentucky’s Regional Storm Water Program guides SD1 in the protection of regional water quality through compliance with U.S. EPA’s Phase II Storm Water Permit and the operation and maintenance of Northern Kentucky’s public storm water infrastructure. These services are funded through the storm water fee on your SD1 bill. For more information about the storm water billing, click here.

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