Water District Contact Information
To contact the local water district that serves you click on the link or call the number below:
Trash Collection
SD1 is not responsible for trash collection. Click here for a list of local trash collection contacts.

Northern Kentucky Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Action Coalition
The HHW Action Coalition's  mission is to protect Northern Kentucky’s public health and the environment by facilitating the safe disposal of household hazardous waste. They focus on regional collaboration, public education and outreach as well as stewardship of public dollars.

Save Local Waters
The Regional Storm Water Collaborative  is composed of storm water districts, municipalities and soil and water conservation districts in Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky. Their purpose is to raise awareness about water quality issues in the Ohio River Valley.

Rain Event Preparations
Heavy rainfall or snowmelt can cause flooding, sewer backups and drainage issues to properties and neighborhoods. SD1 takes measures to prevent this through proper maintenance of public storm water infrastructure, but property owners also can take steps to reduce the risk of damage related to excess storm water.

Fats, oils and grease & other non-flushable products
Did you know that what you flush or pour down your drain can potentially harm your home’s plumbing, the sanitary sewer system and the environment? By following these tips you can prevent costly repairs to wastewater pipes and protect the health of the community and local streams.

Dispose of unwanted medications properly

To help protect the environment and safeguard your home, it is important that you do not dispose of any medicines down the toilet, drain or storm drains. If you must throw your medications away, drop them in one of the Northern Kentucky prescription drop-box locations

“Call Before You Dig”
One of the most potentially hazardous situations in residential areas, industrial plants and construction sites is accidental contact with underground electric power lines, natural gas lines, communication lines and other utility services. You can avoid this problem by locating those underground lines before digging. To locate the wastewater and storm water lines on your property, call SD1 at 859-578-7450. For information on locating all other underground lines, visit Duke Energy's website.  

Manhole Covers and Drain Grates
Only trained professionals should attempt to lift manhole covers and drain grates. Sewage infrastructure can be a dangerous place due to potential rushing water, gasses, bacteria and other pathogens. If you need an SD1 manhole cover or drain grate lifted or removed, call SD1 at 859-578-7450 to ask for assistance.
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