Storm Drain Marking


Curbside storm drains can be a channel for pollution. Unaware that they empty directly into nearby waterways, many people dump oil, paint, trash and other pollutants into these storm drains.  

After heavy rains, storm water runs off our streets and parking lots into storm drains, picking up leaves, debris and litter along the way. These substances clog the pipes causing streets to flood. Storm water also collects excess pesticides, fertilizers, pet waste and other substances. These can be harmful to aquatic life and residents who recreate in local waters.

How can you help?

SD1's storm drain marking program is a fun environmental activity for students and service organizations. Using the free storm drain marking kits, groups place an important water pollution message on drains in their community. 

Your community group, school, scout troop or business can become an environmental partner with SD1. We are looking for volunteers to help educate our communities about storm water pollution. This is a community service project that all ages will find rewarding and fun. All children must be supervised by an adult. 

Download our storm drain marking brochure to learn more and register your group for a marking day. If you have any questions, please call 859-578-7450 to speak to the environmental education program manager.
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