Storm Water Assistance Programs


Long before SD1 assumed control of the region’s storm water management, cities and counties owned and maintained storm water infrastructure; regulations were less stringent; drainage plans were not always a priority; and storm pipes were often inadequate or never formally dedicated to public ownership. The result is a storm system that has a mix of privately and publicly owned infrastructure that can become overwhelmed by wet weather events in some areas. Depending on a neighborhood’s topography, that could lead to excessive storm water in yards or inside buildings.

To address these concerns, SD1 offers local cities and counties (called Co-Permittees because they share responsibility for state and federal storm water regulation compliance) various storm water assistance programs to help fund solutions to remedy public and private storm water issues.

Each year, SD1 allocates funds to these assistance programs depending on the overall priorities of the storm water utility, the total number of anticipated applications for each program and the benefits these projects provide. There is no guarantee on the amount of funds budgeted each year for the programs or continuation of any of the programs.

The programs outlined below are available only to Co-Permittees and are applicable to different types of storm water projects.

Private Cost-Share Program

The SD1 Private Cost-Share Program is aimed at assisting Co-Permittees in addressing private storm water issues that may have a public impact. Only Co-Permittees may apply. Property owners who experience private storm water issues should contact their city or, if they live in an unincorporated part of the county, their county. A Co-Permittee contact list is available on page 2 of this document. Not all projects will be eligible, and not all Co-Permittees participate at the same level or in the same way. Upon satisfactory completion of the project, ownership and maintenance responsibility remains with the property owner and SD1 reimburses the Co-Permittee a percentage of the project cost – currently one-third (1/3), up to $10,000 per project.

View the Private Cost-Share Program Policy.
Learn more with our Private Cost-Share Program FAQ.

Public Cost-Share Program

The Public Cost-Share Program is for new storm water infrastructure that addresses drainage issues associated with a dedicated and accepted right-of-way, impacting a right-of-way, or caused by or related to public infrastructure drainage. SD1 also considers downstream impacts when reviewing applications. Upon satisfactory completion of the project, SD1 assumes ownership of the new infrastructure and reimburses the Co-Permittee a percentage of the project cost – currently 50 percent.

View the Public Cost-Share Program Policy.
Learn more with our Public Cost-Share Program FAQs.

Public Culvert Cost-Share Program

The Public Culvert Cost-Share Program is for public culverts owned and maintained by Co-Permittees that are associated with a dedicated right-of-way in the storm water service area and are in need of capital improvement such as repair or replacement. The program does not apply to maintenance-related activities. Upon satisfactory completion of the culvert project, ownership and maintenance responsibility remains with the Co-Permittee and SD1 reimburses the Co-Permittee a percentage of the project cost – currently 50 percent

View the Public Culvert Cost-Share Program policy.
Learn more with our Public Culvert Cost-Share Program FAQs.

Technical Assistance Program

Through the Technical Assistance Program, SD1 provides engineering and planning-level assistance (i.e. concept-level studies) to Co-Permittees when communities need help identifying problems and/or potential solutions to storm water-related issues. This is not for detailed construction design, but merely for identifying planning-level solutions when a simple improvement or other solution is not apparent.

Learn more with our Technical Assistance Program FAQs.

Only an SD1 Co-Permittee (city or county) can apply for any of these programs. To apply, the Co-Permittee must complete the Storm Water Request for Assistance. All projects must receive approval prior to commencement.

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