Wet Weather Overflow Public Notification Program


During wet weather, the capacity of
the combined sewer system can be exceeded causing an overflow to occur.

Overflow Notification

SD1 has launched a program to notify Northern Kentucky residents when
existing or pedicted weather conditions could potentially cause sewer
overflows. The overflow advisories will be issued by email.

Program Objectives:

  • Notify interested parties when sewer overflows
    are likely to occur
  • Educate the public about potential health hazards and water quality impacts associated with sewer overflows
  • Enable citizens to take appropriate steps to protect themselves and their families from such hazards 

When will the advisories be issued?

Under this program, SD1 will issue an advisory when a rainfall of 0.25 inches or more is predicted or recorded in SD1's service area, including Boone, Campbell and Kenton Counties. An advisory will also be issued when the Ohio River level exceeds 38-feet.  Advisories will remain in effect for 72-hours after rainfall and 72 -ours after river levels have fallen below 38-feet.

To protect yourself and your family from health concerns associated with sewer overflows, avoid contact with water near and around overflows. This includes activities such as boating, wading, fishing and swimming.

How do I receive a Wet Weather Overflow Advisory?

To sign-up to receive the notification via email when weather conditions indicate that overflows may occur, click here


CSO Signage

In order to inform the public of the location of CSOs and the affected waterways, SD1 has posted signs in the areas surrounding the outfalls. The signs provide notice that this is a "CSO Area," along with a telephone number that can be used to obtain additional information or to report a spill or unusual activity.  Being posted as a "CSO Area" means:

  • A combined sewer overflow is located nearby and these waters may be polluted during and immediately following rainfall
  • During rainfall, untreated wastewater, along with large amounts of storm water, may discharge directly or indirectly into the receiving streams
  • During rainfall, public health and water quality could potentially be impacted due to overflows 

Click here to view a map showing the locations of CSO outfalls in Northern Kentucky.

To obtain additional information regarding CSOs in Northern Kentucky or to report a spill or unusual activity, please email SD1 at info@sd1.org or call the Dry Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant at 859-578-7450.

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