US27 & AA Highway Sanitary Sewer Improvement

  • Project Location: Campbell County
  • Project Description: SD1 is currently planning a large-scale sanitary sewer improvement project that will add capacity to the sewer system, allowing for future growth in Campbell County and reducing wet-weather sewer overflows. The majority of the work will occur in the U.S. Route 27 and AA Highway corridor and includes upgrades to existing pump stations, as well as thousands of feet of new sanitary sewer force main and gravity sewer pipes.
  • Estimated Start Date: This project is in the planning and design phase. A construction schedule will not be set until a design is finalized and funding for construction is identified.
  • Estimated Completion Date: Once construction is funded, the project likely will take several years to complete.
  • Project Manager: Spencer Stork

Additional Information

Need more information? Email SD1 or call 859-578-7450 and ask to speak to Spencer Stork.