Wilder Sewer Improvement Project: Phase 1 is Now Complete!

Licking River Siphon Conveyance Project

Aerial View of Completed Sewer Improvement Project

Aerial View of Licking River 1 Siphon Phase 1  (Photo 2)

Project Code


Project Manager 

David Gilligan 

Overflow Elimination

5 million gallons of SSOs per year

Total Project Cost

$7 million 

Project Overview

In 2023, Sanitation District No. 1 (SD1) addressed sanitary sewer overflows in Wilder by upsizing over 5,500 feet of sewer pipe with larger pipe. This project improved water quality by eliminating 5 million gallons of annual sanitary sewer overflows from entering Three Mile Creek. It also increased the capacity of the sewer system to accommodate future growth and prevent problems like sanitary sewer overflows. Additionally, the enhanced system paves the way for further upstream improvements by 2040. 

Enhanced Conservation Area 

SD1 collaborated with partners to implement mitigation strategies that enhance the conservation area. These strategies include: 

  • Creekbank and channel stabilization 
  • Seeding with native meadow grasses 
  • Reforestation with trees and shrubs 
  • Grading for a new walking path 
  • Removal of invasive species 
  • Ongoing monitoring and maintenance of the conservation easements for the next five years 

Read more: SD1 project in Wilder aims to eliminate sanitary sewer overflows - LINK.

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Spring 2024 Restoration Work 

In Spring 2024, SD1 will complete the final restoration work, including planting trees. We appreciate residents’ patience as we strive to restore the land to its natural beauty.  

Moving Forward with Phase 2 

Phase 2 of the project will expand the reach of the upgraded pipe. Residents who were significantly impacted by Phase 1 can expect a less disruptive experience during Phase 2. 

Licking River Conveyance Project Phase 1 & Phase 2 Map

Licking River siphon Conveyance Upsizing Projects Map
CLEAN H2040 Logo

Clean H2O40 

SD1's Clean H2O40 initiative is a comprehensive plan to eliminate capacity-related sewer overflows by the year 2040. Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the Licking River Siphon Conveyance project connect with a 7-million-gallon equalization tank built in Wilder at Fredricks Landing to eliminate about 47 million gallons of sanitary sewer overflows. These Wilder projects, along with projects across our region, will dramatically improve local water quality, helping SD1 to achieve its mission of providing our region with reliable and efficient wastewater and stormwater services that protect public health, property and the environment while supporting the economic vitality of our community. 

Learn more about Clean H2O40.