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Posted on: June 1, 2021

SD1 Encourages Local Residents to Avoid Storm Water Inlet Structures

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FORT WRIGHT, Ky. – Sanitation District No. 1 is encouraging local residents to avoid storm water inlet structures across the region.

A storm water inlet is any device that admits surface waters into the storm water drainage system. Most people are familiar with inlets in curbs and roads – these tend to be small and connect to storm water pipes that are generally smaller in diameter than a manhole cover. Inlets that are smaller than 24 inches in diameter usually have grates associated with them.

But there are other less noticeable inlets that are much larger. These inlets take storm water away from large surface areas and are usually located away from roadways, so people might be less familiar with them. Most of the time, these inlet structure have little to do, but when heavy rains fall, they carry water away, making them critical in the effort to control overland flooding.

“SD1 is being proactive about the risks associated with storm water inlet structures because part of our mission is to protect public health,” said SD1 Executive Director Adam Chaney. “These structures play an important role in storm water management, and we want to make sure that Northern Kentucky families have the information they need to be safe during and after rainfalls.”

Chaney said that maintenance of these inlets is very important – if debris blocks an inlet, it can stop the flow of water, which can cause flooding. With larger inlets, the flow can become strong enough to carry away a person or even a vehicle. During rainfall, never walk, play or drive near storm water inlets.

SD1 emphasizes three simple steps everyone can take to help keep their family and their community safe during and after heavy rainfalls.

  1. Keep storm water inlets clear of things like trash, grass clippings, leaves and branches.
  2. During rainfall, never walk, play or drive into flooding areas or near storm water inlets.
  3. Be aware of severe weather warnings and watches. Take them seriously, and familiarize yourself with your neighborhood so that you know where the risks are during severe weather.

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SD1 is responsible for the collection and treatment of northern Kentucky’s wastewater and also serves as the regional storm water management agency. SD1 is the second largest public sewer utility in Kentucky, serving more than 312,000 residents throughout Boone, Campbell and Kenton counties. SD1 maintains approximately 1,662 miles of sanitary-sewer system pipeline, 124 wastewater pumping stations, 15 flood pump stations, seven package treatment plants, three major wastewater treatment plants, 428 miles of storm-sewer system and 32,728 storm-sewer structures.

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