How do I pay the fee?

SD1 requires pre-payment of fees prior to the release of records. Payment in the form of cash, check or credit card (applicable fees apply to use of credit card) will be accepted at SD1’s main office located at 1045 Eaton Drive, Ft. Wright, KY 41017.

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1. What is a public record?
2. How do I request a public record?
3. Will I be charged a fee?
4. Do I need to complete an open records request to view a map showing sanitary and/or storm water assets? ?
5. Do I have to complete an open records request to view billing records regarding my sanitary and/or storm accounts?
6. The open records request form asks if the purpose of the request is commercial or non-commercial. What does this mean?
7. How do I pay the fee?
8. What is the time frame for a response to my open records request?
9. What if I want to come in and inspect records?
10. What if I fail to inspect requested open records?
11. What if my request is denied?
12. What is a "resident of the Commonwealth"?