Who is responsible for sewer backups?

You may need a plumber to investigate and determine the cause of your sewer backup. The cause of the sewer backup will determine who is responsible for repair and cleanup costs.

Backups due to extreme weather or private sewer lateral issues: Private sewer laterals are the responsibility of the private property owner. If you believe your private lateral is blocked or damaged, contact a licensed plumber to investigate. If your lateral damage is under the public roadway, you may be eligible for assistance from SD1.

Backups due to a failure of the public sewer system that could have been prevented: We proactively inspect and clean all of our sewer pipes on a rotating basis to prevent problems like this; however. if the system failed and we could have prevented it, we will make the necessary repairs to the sewer and connect you with our Insurance Specialist for further consideration. 

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1. Who is responsible for sewer backups?
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