What is a private sewer lateral?

A private sewer lateral is an underground pipe that is part of your home’s plumbing. It conveys wastewater or storm water from your property to SD1’s public sewer system. As a private property owner, you own your lateral from the end of the building’s plumbing to the connection with SD1’s sewer. You are responsible for maintaining your lateral, just like other pipes in and around your property.

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1. What is a private sewer lateral?
2. What is the purpose of SD1's private lateral repair program?
3. What is the responsibility of private property owners?
4. What are the signs of a defective private sewer lateral?
5. What should I do if I suspect my sewer lateral is defective?
6. What is SD1's role in the private lateral repair program?
7. What is the role of the participating public roadway owners?
8. How are private sewer lateral repairs prioritized?
9. How can I maintain my private sewer lateral?
10. What should I do if I experience a backup, overflow or pavement failure?
11. If I need a plumber, what are some factors to consider when choosing a service provider?
12. Should I purchase sewage backup insurance?