What is the purpose of SD1's private lateral repair program?

When private sewer laterals deteriorate, they can affect community services, public health and safety by causing sinkholes, destabilizing nearby structures and leading to sewer overflows and backups. When these laterals run beneath roadways, repairs can be cost prohibitive to the private property owners responsible for them. To assist property owners in addressing this issue in a timely and affordable way, SD1 funds a private sewer lateral repair program. The program will allow SD1 to perform work on defective private sewer laterals beneath public roadways that may be contributing to a visible pavement failure, building backup or sewer overflow.

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1. What is a private sewer lateral?
2. What is the purpose of SD1's private lateral repair program?
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4. What are the signs of a defective private sewer lateral?
5. What should I do if I suspect my sewer lateral is defective?
6. What is SD1's role in the private lateral repair program?
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8. How are private sewer lateral repairs prioritized?
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10. What should I do if I experience a backup, overflow or pavement failure?
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