How do I know when to apply?

SD1 posts job announcements on Indeed when a position becomes available. The posting will contain the salary range; details about the position and the application and selection process; and examples of duties and essential qualifications, including education, experience and applicable license and certification.

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1. How can I stay updated on job opportunities at SD1?
2. Can I submit a resume instead of applying through Indeed?
3. What should I do if I am experiencing technical difficulties while submitting or after submitting my application?
4. How do I know when to apply?
5. Does SD1 offer entry-level positions?
6. Does SD1 hire interns, students or new graduates?
7. If I have previously submitted an application, will I be automatically considered for other positions?
8. Can I apply for more than one job at a time?
9. What is the rehire process for former SD1 employees?
10. How do I know if a position has been closed or if I am no longer being considered?
11. What types of benefits does SD1 offer?
12. What is the culture like at SD1?