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  1. Storm Drain Marking Program Application

    This form is used to apply for participation in our Storm Drain Marking Program.

  1. Storm Water Advisory Committee (SWAC) Citizen Volunteer Application

Certified Tapper

  1. Certified Tapper Test
  2. Request to Take Online Certified Tapper Course

    The Tapper Certification Application, bond and fee must be turned in prior to taking the online course and test.

  1. Request a Tapper Manual

    The Tapper Manual can be downloaded from the SD1 website or this form can be used to request that a hard copy be mailed.

Legal Forms

  1. Request to Inspect Public Records (KRS 61)

    Pursuant to the Kentucky Open Records Act (“the Act”), KRS 61.870 et seq., the undersigned requests to inspect the public records which... More…

  1. SD1 Incident/Injury Claim Form

    Customers seeking reimbursement for personal injury or property damage believed to have been caused by SD1 should submit this form.... More…

Mascot Visits & Presentations Request

  1. Request for Mascot Visit, Presentation or Community Event Participation

    This form is used to request a visit from SD1 mascot Splash McClean, request a storm water presentation by a representative from SD1 or... More…


  1. Post-Construction Customer Satisfaction Survey

    We value your feedback. Let us how we did during the recent storm water or wastewater project in your community.

Website Forms

  1. Create an FAQ

    Use this form to request the creation of a new FAQ on the SD1 website.

  2. Wet Weather Notification Sign-Up

    Planning a trip to the river? Be aware of potentially unsafe water conditions due to sewer overflows. Protect yourself and your family... More…

  1. Website Change Request

    Do you see something on the SD1 website that doesn't seem quite right or are you having trouble finding something you think should be... More…