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Post-Construction Customer Satisfaction Survey

  1. Kentucky Sanitation District No 1
  2. We value your feedback.
    Please take 2-3 minutes to let us know how we did during the recent SD1 project in your community. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!
  3. Which project are you telling us about?
  4. Project codes are located at the bottom of SD1 project notification letters. Don't have a project code? Type your address, street or project name instead.
  5. How did we do?
    Please rate your experience.
  6. The communication I received regarding this project was clear and informative.*
  7. Construction crews and staff were respectful, courteous and efficient.*
  8. Construction crews made an effort to be as minimally invasive and disruptive as possible.*
  9. I received answers to my questions or concerns in a timely manner.*
  10. Overall, I am satisfied with the work on this project. *
  11. Optional: Submit contact information.
    This information will help us reach you if you expressed any ongoing issues or other concerns.
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