Clean H2O40: How You Can Help

Clean H2O40 will go a long way toward making Northern Kentucky cleaner, healthier and more sustainable. But SD1 needs your help!

Here are simple ways that you can help keep our region thriving:

  • If your home’s downspout is connected to SD1’s sewer system, disconnect the downspout and redirect the runoff from your roof to your lawn, a rain barrel or another vegetated area. Learn more about our DRIP Program.
  • Install rain barrels and/or rain gardens to capture storm water runoff. Learn more about rain barrels and rain gardens.
  • Reduce the impervious surface area (e.g. concrete) of your property so that rainfall can soak into the ground naturally. Learn more about impervious surface area.
  • Avoid planting invasive trees and plants near sewer lines. Learn more about invasive trees and plants.
  • Keep your private sewer lateral (the pipe connecting your home to the public sewer system) working properly. Learn more about private lateral maintenance.
  • Keep trash, pet waste, disposable wipes, fats/oils/greases and other household hazardous wastes out of the sewer at all times. Learn more about our FOG Program.