Our Progress

SD1 began implementing projects recommended in the original Watershed Plan in 2005. Since then, SD1 has eliminated approximately 357 million gallons of typical-year CSO discharges and approximately 127 million gallons of typical-year SSO volume to date.CLEAN H20 PROGRESS GAGE LEVEL 10

In 2017, SD1 began Phase I of its Clean H2O40 program, with goals of eliminating at least 20 percent of baseline typical-year sanitary sewer overflows and capturing at least 67 percent of typical-year combined system flow by July 1, 2023.


Phase I was very successful. SD1 reduced typical-year SSOs from 115MG per year in 2017 to just 43.2MG in 2023. While our goal was to eliminate 20 percent of typical year SSOs, we actually eliminated about 63%. 

On the CSO side, our goal was to capture at least 67 percent of typical-year combined system flow, and we were able to hit 67.4 percent by July 1, 2023.

Improvements are sequenced to meet the Amended Consent Decree 2023, 2029, 2034 and 2040 milestone requirements.

Phase 2 - UNDER WAY

Phase 2 of Clean H2O40 began on July 1, 2023 and will run through June 30, 2029. During that time, SD1 anticipates eliminating another 40MG of typical-year SSO and an additional 388MG of typical-year CSO. Stay tuned for more details about Phase 2.

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