What is Clean H2O40?

SD1 has with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Commonwealth of Kentucky to balance the need to keep local waterways clean and safe with the need to provide affordable wastewater and storm water services in Northern Kentucky. Clean H2O40 is SD1’s commitment to increasing our capacity to better manage the flow of wastewater and storm water in Northern Kentucky. Through a number of strategic projects specifically designed to address sewer overflows, SD1 will meet the requirements of Northern Kentucky’s amended consent decree and improve the quality of life in our community. By the year 2040, we will completely eliminate typical-year sanitary sewer overflows and recapture at least 85 percent of all typical-year combined sewer overflows.

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1. What is Clean H2O40?
2. What is a consent decree?
3. Why do sewer overflows occur and why are they a concern?
4. What is a sanitary sewer overflow?
5. What is a combined sewer overflow?
6. Is SD1 required to eliminate sewer overflows?
7. Do other cities experience sewer overflows?
8. How much will my rates go up because of the Clean H2O40 program?
9. How can I help improve water quality?