Employment & Internships

SD1’s team of dedicated professionals works around the clock 365 days a year to manage Northern Kentucky’s wastewater and storm water, protecting public health, property and the environment and supporting the economic vitality of our community.

Northern Kentucky is a river town – always has been, always will be. And SD1 plays a leadership role in protecting our beloved Ohio and Licking Rivers, as well as the countless creeks and streams that flow through our community.

SD1 has built a culture dedicated to finding and eliminating the waste that exists within business processes. Known internally as Lean SD1, this isn’t a tactic or a cost-reduction program, but is a way of thinking for the entire organization.

Creating a Lean culture of continuous improvement is about using our people, assets and technologies to better serve customers and other stakeholders by making our processes more efficient.

Join our team of experts as we work tirelessly to solve the wastewater and storm water challenges facing our region.