About SD1

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Northern Kentucky is a river town.

Always has been, always will be. We respect the rivers and streams that flow through our history and culture because they unite us far more than they could ever divide us. We live, work and play in and around the Ohio and the Licking. Their waters shape the boundaries of our community and our identity.

So we have a responsibility – all of us – to keep those waters clean. That’s why Sanitation District No. 1 works around the clock, 365 days a year to manage Northern Kentucky’s wastewater and stormwater. Rivers and streams don’t stop at city limits, and neither do we.

SD1 partners with Boone, Campbell and Kenton counties – and more than 30 local cities – to keep our local waterways clean and healthy.

Because we live here too. This is our community, and for more than 70 years, we have dedicated ourselves to serving Northern Kentucky with pride.

When everything flows smoothly, our work is mostly hidden. You don’t see the 35 million gallons of water we clean every single day or the vast network of over 2,000 miles of SD1 pipe just below our neighborhoods. It’s easy to forget how much goes into keeping Northern Kentuckians safe from dirty water and dangerous flood conditions.

Northern Kentucky is a river town, and our quality of life is directly linked to our quality of water. The good news is – we’ve already come a long way. The Ohio River is much cleaner today than it was when SD1 was founded in 1946. Back in those days, our region’s wastewater was pumped directly into the Ohio River. Today, when wastewater enters SD1’s system, it ends up at one of our water treatment plants, where it undergoes up to 16 hours of cleaning. Through this process, SD1 prevents about 100,000 pounds of waste from entering the Ohio River every single day. 

Can you imagine what our region would be like without SD1? Because after all, Northern Kentucky’s waterways are its lifeblood. Always have been, always will be. 

We’re flowing with possibilities, and SD1 makes it possible.