Facts & Figures

We serve Northern Kentucky.

  • We have about 205,000 customer accounts.
  • Over 30 local governments across Boone, Campbell and Kenton counties partner with us to provide residents with efficient and effective wastewater and storm water services.

Our wastewater services cover 190 square miles.

  • About 1,685 miles of sanitary sewer pipe cover SD1’s service area.
  • 121 pump stations push wastewater across the region’s hilly terrain.

Our storm water services cover 170 square miles.

  • About 434 miles of municipal separate storm sewers cover SD1’s service area.
  • Approximately 32,300 storm water structures, including manholes and catch basins, are in our service area.
  • There are 15 flood stations in Campbell and Kenton counties.

Our treatment plants run 24/7.

  • Combined, our treatment plants treat about 35 million gallons of wastewater per day.
  • It takes 16 hours on average for wastewater to move through Dry Creek before it returns to the Ohio River.

We test for pollution.

  • We inspect and permit more than 55 industries in our service area every year. This prevents heavy metals, solvents and toxic waste from getting into the wastewater stream and ultimately local waterways.
  • Our laboratory technicians conduct more than 54,500 tests of wastewater and stream samples annually.

We give you peace of mind.

  • Each person creates 80 to 100 gallons of wastewater daily, on average.
  • Each day, SD1 prevents over 75,000 pounds of waste from entering the Ohio River through wastewater treatment.