Understanding Your Bill

Fiscal Year 2024 Rate Adjustment

All stormwater customers will see a 5-percent reduction in the stormwater fee. The monthly equivalent residential unit (ERU) will be reduced from $4.54 to $4.31; the quarterly ERU will be reduced from $13.62 to $12.93.

For details regarding our sanitary sewer rates, please select Residential or Non-Residential below.

  1. Residential
  2. Non-residential

Wastewater Billing

All residential customers pay a base rate, which includes the first 2 hundred cubic feet (HCF) (1,496 gallons) of wastewater treatment, and an environmental surcharge. Customers who use more than 2 HCF of water per month are assessed an additional variable rate per HCF.

Our fiscal year 2024 rates are:

  • Base Rate: $30/month
  • Environmental Surcharge: $8/month
  • Variable Rate: $4.18 per HCF above 2 HCF/month

The variable rate is based on a Winter Usage Factor, which is used to ensure that outdoor activities such as washing your car or watering your lawn – which do not send water to SD1’s sewer system – are not included in your bill. SD1 works with your local water district to measure your water usage during a 90-day period between November and April. Your variable rate is then set in July for the next 12 months based on your winter usage during this 90-day period.   

Winter Factor Period Dates
Water ProviderMeter Reading Dates for Winter Usage Factor
Northern Kentucky Water DistrictNov. 1 - April 30
Florence Water DistrictJan. 1 - April 30
Boone County Water DistrictJan. 1 - April 30

The variable rate for new accounts is based on the average household water usage in Northern Kentucky. Customers can request their Winter Usage Factor be reviewed by completing our Request for Final Determination (select “Sanitary Sewer Service Leak or Winter Factor Adjustment”). SD1 requires a 90-day period of water usage to reconsider a Winter Usage Factor.

The environmental surcharge helps fund SD1’s Clean H2O40 sewer overflow mitigation program, required under the federal Clean Water Act. Visit our Clean H2O40 page to learn more.

Storm Water Billing

Residential and non-residential customers within our storm water service area pay a fee that supports SD1’s efforts across our region to manage storm water runoff that can cause overland flooding and erosion and lead to pollution in local streams. The fee provides funding for our extensive asset maintenance program to meet community expectations while ensuring that northern Kentucky complies with federal Clean Water Act regulations.

The storm water fee is based on what is called “impervious surface area” – those surface areas such as sidewalks, driveways, rooftops, parking lots and streets that prohibit rain and snowmelt from soaking into the ground, leading to storm water runoff. 

Residential customers (detached single-family homes and duplexes on a single parcel) pay a flat monthly fee of $4.31 for one “equivalent residential unit” (ERU). An ERU is equal to 2,600 square feet, or the average impervious surface area of a standard Northern Kentucky residential property.