Licking River EQ Tank

Licking River Siphon (LRS) Improvements Map, SD1 Clean H2O40 Project

This project will eliminate 5 million gallons of sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs) by installing a 7.3 million gallon equalization (EQ) tank, a wet weather pump station and upsizing approximately 1,800 feet of sanitary sewer from State Route 9 to the tank location along the Licking River. 

The tank will operate during wet weather, allowing SD1 to store wastewater that would otherwise overflow into the creek and river. Once working in conjunction with SD1's planned double siphon, the tank will help eliminate an additional 42 million gallons of SSOs at the siphon location. 

Estimated Capital Cost:

$13 million

Overflow Elimination:

5 MG typical-year SSO elimination


Will be implemented by 2022

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