Soil Pollution, It’s a Dirty Deal!

Did you know soil is one of the biggest polluters of our local waterways? Not only can eroding streambanks result in property loss, but soil sediment within waterways can harm aquatic life by filling important hiding places and preventing underwater plants from getting the sunlight they need to thrive.

When local waterways look like chocolate milk after a rain event, it’s also less desirable for fun recreational activities like boating, fishing and swimming!

A muddy river flows

Do Your Part to Prevent Soil Pollution

  • Cover loose soil piles with tarps. This helps hold soil in place during a rain event, and it helps protect your investment from washing away.
  • Follow local laws when constructing or disturbing land and prevent the exposed soil from entering storm drains and nearby streams and ponds.
  • Replant bare spots in your lawn: roots help hold soil in place.
  • Leave a no-mow zone next to streams and ponds within your property. Creating a buffer area along waterways helps protect the banks from eroding. 

For more environmentally friendly tips on living streamside, check out UK Cooperative Extension’s Backyard Streams program. 

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