Prepare for Heavy Rainfall

Heavy rainfall or snowmelt can cause flooding, sewer backups and drainage issues to properties and neighborhoods. SD1 takes measures to prevent this through proper maintenance of public storm water infrastructure, but property owners also can take steps to reduce the risk of damage related to excess storm water.

You can prevent storm water damage by following the following suggestions:

  • Clear all gutters, downspouts and private drains (driveway and area) of any debris before and during a rain event to ensure rain doesn’t wash debris back over the grate and cause flooding.
  • Look for street grates and drains in the public right-of-way that are clogged or covered. If you see debris over them, you may remove it yourself or contact your city to ask them to clear them.
  • Your sump pump, if you have one, should be in working order, and you should have a backup battery power source in the case of a power outage.
  • Make sure your private laterals are working properly. Have a plumber inspect them periodically. Read the guide to maintaining private laterals (PDF).
  • When undertaking outdoor projects, try to choose materials that are not impervious which would increase surface water runoff.
  • Call SD1 if there are any sinkholes or any signs of storm system failure, such as pipes coming apart.
  • Do not discard debris, grass clippings, construction waste, trimmed tree branches or any other landscaping over hillsides or into wooded areas. This debris will eventually end up in drainage ditches and creeks, which could block inlets or outfalls, causing flooding and affecting water quality.
  • Bag any leaves, grass clippings, bottles, trash or other debris in front of a storm drain before the next rainfall.
  • If you believe you have suffered damage to your home or belongings because of a sewer backup, you may fill out SD1’s incident report form (PDF). If you have any questions regarding the form or process, please contact Jenna Stadtmilller at 859-578-6770.

SD1 & Northern Kentucky Cities Work to Prevent Storm Water Damage

Just as individual residents and businesses have a responsibility to maintain the storm water infrastructure on their property, SD1 and its partner cities take steps through the year to keep public storm water infrastructure in working order. Learn about SD1’s storm water co-permittee partners.

Clean-up Tips

Follow these clean-up tips (PDF) after a sewer backup occurs in your basement.