Developer Forms

Alternative Grease Control Equipment Design / Exemption Form (PDF)June 26, 2016N/A

Certified Tapper Abandonment and Connection ApplicationJuly 27, 2020This application is for abandonment, sanitary sewer connection and storm sewer connection.

Developers Agreement for Public Sanitary and Storm Water Systems (PDF)September 4, 2019This agreement must be submitted to SD1 for all new projects with proposed public sanitary and/or storm sewers prior to SD1’s project approval. Submite to:
Andy Aman, SD1
1045 Eaton Drive
Ft. Wright, KY 41017
Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) Best Management Practices for Restaurants and Food Service Establishments (PDF)
December 28, 2016N/A
Food Service Establishment Grease Trap Waste Haulers Checklist (PDF)March 6, 2012N/A
Food Service Establishment Plan Submission / Exemption Request Form (PDF)August 9, 2013N/A
Grease Interceptor Checklist - Greater Than 1,000 Gallons (PDF)March 6, 2012N/A
Grease Interceptor Checklist - Up to 1,000 Gallons (PDF)March 5, 2012N/A
Licensed Sewer Tapper’s Bond (PDF)April 1, 2010Companies interested in having their employees become certified tappers must first post a Licensed Sewer Tappers Bond of $5,750. This bond will be used to cover costs for correcting improper taps if not fixed within an appropriate time frame or to complete unfinished work. There is no limit to the number of employees that a company may have certified under this bond.
List of Certified Tappers (PDF)
July 31, 2019N/A
Request for Reservation of Sanitary Sewer CapacityMay 10, 2018

This form must be completed in order to reserve capacity for connections to the sanitary sewer system. For new developments, the Request for Reservation must be submitted prior to or with submittal of the improvement plans for sanitary sewer line extension. For those properties that have not been “placed in service”, as defined in Article 1 of the Sanitary Sewer Rules and Regulations, the Request for Reservation must be submitted prior to applying for a Sanitary Sewer Connection Permit. Reservation of Sanitary Sewer Capacity is subject to SD1 Board of Directors approval.

For questions about utilizing this online application, please contact Plan Review Manager Andy Aman at

Restaurant and Food Service Grease Handling Questionnaire (PDF)
December 17, 2010N/A
Sanitary Sewer Construction Application (PDF)June 28, 2019This application must be submitted for all projects with new sanitary sewer construction including sanitary sewer relocation projects with the narrative:
Andy Aman, SD1
1045 Eaton Drive
Ft. Wright, KY 41017
Sanitary Sewer Fee Schedule for Developers (PDF)July 1, 2019N/A
Statement of Grease Control Equipment Certification (PDF)October 4, 2012N/A
Statement of Pumping Frequency (PDF)October 4, 2012N/A
Step-by-Step Guide for New or Remodeled Food Service Establishments (PDF)
August 9, 2013N/A
Tapper Manual (PDF)July 1, 2018This manual provides detailed information about SD1’s Certified Tapper Program, including current rules and regulations, lateral connection specification, information about the permitting process, staff contact information, and fee schedules.