Backup Assistance Program

Call SD1 at 859-578-7450 (option 1) to report a sewer emergency. Sewer emergencies may include issues such as backups, overland flooding, overflows and collapsed infrastructure. It’s important for customers to report all sewer emergencies to SD1 as soon as possible, so SD1 can investigate the cause. SD1 also considers customers’ reports when prioritizing improvement projects.

Backup Assistance

SD1’s Backup Assistance Program is designed to provide financial relief to property owners dealing with wet-weather sewer backups in their homes or businesses. 

The program provides up to $10,000 in assistance per approved property for the installation of a backup solution – a mechanical device that can prevent wet-weather backups. A typical solution costs less than $5,000. (Note: SD1 may require a second estimate if the first is over $5,000.)

Program Eligibility

You may be eligible to participate if you meet all of the following conditions:

  • Your property is located within SD1’s service area
  • Your property has experienced a wet-weather backup or is within an area where there is a known or verifiable (by SD1) capacity issue
  • Your private sewer lateral and indoor plumbing are in proper working condition and you have no illegal connections to the sewer system
  • Your SD1 accounts are up-to-date.

Sewage Backup Insurance

Did you know that if sewage backs up into your home, insurance does not generally cover damage and cleanup costs? In most cases, if a backup occurs, the homeowner is responsible for repair, cleanup and replacement costs. 

Most insurance companies offer optional backup coverage on homeowner policies to protect your home in the case of a backup. Contact your insurance provider for coverage premiums and deductibles.

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