Industrial Pretreatment Program

Industrial Pretreatment Program Protects Health & Environment

SD1’s industrial pretreatment program regulates discharge from commercial and industrial facilities as required under the federal Clean Water Act. The program is designed to:

  • Prevent pollutants that would interfere with the treatment process from entering SD1’s sewer system
  • Prevent pollutants that can’t be treated from entering and passing through SD1 facilities into the environment
  • Reduce health and environmental risks caused by pollution

This program regulates industrial discharges through wastewater sampling and on-site inspections of industrial facilities in SD1’s service area. 

For more information on this program, call SD1’s Industrial Services Department at 859-547-1106.

Permits for Industrial Users

Permitted users must understand which wastewater treatment facility receives their industrial wastewater flow, as well as the effluent limits (PDF) that apply to that facility. Permitted users can find more information on the rules that apply to them in SD1’s Rules and Regulations (PDF).

Industrial User Categories

Industrial users fall into two categories:

  • Significant Industrial Users (SIUs)are users with one or more of the following traits:
    • Have potential to adversely affect SD1 treatment plants
    • Discharge 25,000 gallons of processed wastewater per day, on average
    • Contribute 5% or more of the average dry-weather hydraulic or organic capacity of the treatment facility
  • Categorical Industrial Users (CIUs) are a type of SIUbut are also subject to categorical pretreatment standards and have the following traits:

To help determine if your existing business qualifies as an SIU or CIU, or if you are planning to start a commercial or industrial business in the SD1 service area, complete the Industrial Waste Questionnaire and Permit Application.

  1. Industrial Pretreatment

    Emergency Phone: 859-547-1673

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