Industrial Rates, Fees & Special Meters

Permit Fees

Significant Industrial Users (SIUs) and Categorical Industrial Users (CIUs) are monitored by SD1’s Industrial Pretreatment Program. These industries are charged an annual permit fee to fund the administration of the program. Other industrial permit fees include:

  • Fat, Oil and Grease (FOG) Permit
  • Sludge Hauling Permit
  • Unusual Discharge


Because it costs more to treat high-strength wastewater, SIUs pay a surcharge for their wastewater when it exceeds the concentrations listed in the following table.

Wastewater Concentrations Required for Surcharges

Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD)240 Milligrams Per Liter
Total Suspended Solids (TSS)300 Milligrams Per Liter
Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen (TKN)30 Milligrams Per Liter
Phosphorous (Applies to Eastern Regional Water Reclamation Facility Only)10 Milligrams Per Liter

Surcharges are based on the strength and volume of the wastewater an industry discharges. View a list of our current surcharge rates in SD1’s Rates and Fees Schedule (PDF).

How Surcharges Are Calculated

Surcharges are based on the strength and volume of the wastewater an industry discharges. SD1 uses the following formula to calculate the surcharge:

R = [A(TSS − 300) + B(BOD − 240) + C(TKN − 30) + D(P − 10)] ÷ 1,000,000

  • R = Total surcharge rate in dollars per 100 cubic feet of wastewater flow
  • TSS = Total suspended solids
  • BOD = Biochemical oxygen demand
  • TKN = Total kjeldahl nitrogen
  • P = Total phosphorus
  • A, B, C, D = Numerical factors related to unit costs of providing primary and secondary treatment for the indicated pollutants

Special Meter to Lower Costs

A special meter program is available to non-residential customers to lower their costs. A special meter monitors any water used that does not flow directly into the sanitary sewer system. If non-residential customers enroll in this program, they may apply for refunds for their special meter water usage. Prior to purchasing and installing a special meter, customers should read and understand the program regulations stated in section 403 of SD1’s Rules and Regulations (PDF).

To request approval to install a special meter, complete the Special Meter Installation Request. SD1 will work with you to schedule a meeting for a facility inspection and to discuss installation options.

Once a special meter is in place, SD1 will inspect it to verify proper installation. When the process is complete, you will receive an approval letter that will include your percentage of credit approved, dates the meter should be read and other meter details. Please note that special meter readings not submitted by dates specified in an approval letter may be subject to a decrease in credit.

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