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  1. Commercial

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Whether you're running a restaurant or any other kind of business, we've got your back in adopting sewer smart practices to protect your business, our community and the environment. 

Our resources seamlessly complement our Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) Program (see also Grease Control Program), extending beyond the kitchen to help businesses of all kinds in being sewer smart. 

Food Service Establishment (FSE) Guides & Documents

How to Use It:

If you're a food service establishment (FSE) owner and can only spare a moment, prioritize reading this guide. Business owners can use this guide as an introduction to SD1's Grease Control Program, understanding SD1's expectations for Food Service Establishments (FSEs) and gaining insights into the program itself, along with other sewer smart tips.

Download Fats, Oils & Grease: A FOG Management Guide for Business Owners (PDF).

Fats, Oils & Grease: A FOG Management Guide for Business Owners (Bi-Fold)FSE FOG GUIDE 2024 PAGE 1 SCREENSHOT

How to Use It:

Use this document to review FOG best management practices for your business. Print and keep this document on hand for training purposes. 

Download Fats, Oils & Grease Best Management Practices for Food Service Establishments (PDF).

Fats, Oils & Grease Best Management Practices for Food Service Establishments (Poster/Fact Sheet)FOG FSE BEST MANAGEMENT PRACTICES

More Coming Soon!

Image of a residential apartment building with the text "Residential Resources"

Putting the wrong things down the drain can clog pipes, slow drainage and result in hazardous sewer backups and overflows. 

Fixing these problems can be costly and disruptive for property and business owners, residents and SD1. 

Spreading the word about sewer smart practices can benefit you and our community.

We encourage our community partners to empower themselves and their audiences to adopt sewer smart habits that protect property, health and the environment.

Using the following tools is easy.

The following guides, graphics, copy and other resources are available for you to use, paraphrase, print, share or repurpose to spread the word about sewer smart practices.

Print and Digital Copy

How to Use It:

  • Post on your webpage or community bulletin board
  • Share in a print newsletter
  • Send in an email or e-newsletter

Sample Letter to Residents

Personalize, print and mail this letter to residents any time of year to remind them of sewer smart habits.
Newsletter Article (All-Season): Protect Your Home by Adopting Sewer Smart Habits

Urge residents to adopt sewer smart habits to protect their home, the community and the environment any time of year.
Newsletter Article (Holiday): Adopt Sewer Smart Habits to Protect Your Home and Environment During This Holiday Season

Help prevent sewer problems by reminding residents to be sewer smart during the winter holiday season.

Social Media

How to Use It:

  • Download our social media templates or create your own. 
  • Use or customize the copy below to accompany your posts.  
  • Include the hashtag #SD1SewerSmart
  • Share in public-facing digital signs

  • Tag SD1’s account using the handles below so we can share your post

Horizontal Graphics (1600 x 900)

SD1 Sewer Smart Bathroom Habits SM Graphic 1600x900 SD1 Sewer Smart Kitchen Habits SM Graphic 1600x900
A clogged sewer pipe with the text: Beware of FOG: Fats, oils and grease.

Download Square Graphics (1080 x 1080)

Sample Copy: 

  • "Just because something can go down the drain doesn't mean it should! Fats, oils and grease (FOG) can clog pipes and cause messy sewer backups. Keep FOG out of the drain and help keep your home and environment. Cool it, can it, trash it.  #FOG #SD1SewerSmart #KitchenTips"
  • "Don't flush old medications or drugs down the toilet. Dispose of them at an approved drug take-back site to protect our environment and water supply. #SD1SewerSmart #EnvironmentalProtection" 
  • "Keep your toilets clog-free and your water clean by flushing only bodily waste, toilet paper and wastewater. Everything else goes in the trash! #SD1SewerSmart" 


Door Hanger

Print door hangers and distribute them around your community, including apartments and HOA communities.

 Mockup of a Sewer Smart Door Hanger on a Residential Home

Printable Designs

Drain only non-solidifying liquids. Download to view the rest.

Flush with Finesse only flush toilet paper and trash the rest! Download to view the rest.

How to Use It:

Use art to remind yourself and your guests to be sewer smart. Display our aesthetically pleasing signs in your bathroom or kitchen, where you and your guests need them most.

Download Kitchen Sewer Smart Poster
Download Bathroom Sewer Smart Poster
A kitchen counter with a framed poster that gives tips about what to safely put down the drain