Unusual Discharges

A special discharge, also known as an unusual or one-time discharge, is wastewater from an industrial user that does not fit into another category. All special discharges must be approved by SD1’s Industrial Pretreatment Department before they are released into the sanitary sewer system.

Examples of these discharges include the following:

  • Floor Cleaning Operations in Warehouses: This type of discharge is not typically billed for volume because the building is already billed on an incoming water meter; however, the facility may be charged for SD1’s time and vehicle expenses. These discharges may pose hazards including pH, grease and oil concentrations or explosive and flammable atmospheres.
  • Discharge of Glycol from a Heating, Ventilation or Air Conditioning (HVAC) System or Bad Batch Discharge from a Food Manufacturer: This type of discharge may be surcharged, require a controlled release or need some form of pretreatment. Possible billing on volume and a surcharge rate may be applied.
  • Underground Storage Tank (UST) Removal, Repair or Soil Remediation: For UST removal, repair or soil remediation, the wastewater must be tested before SD1 can approve a discharge. Some form of pretreatment may be required prior to the discharge.

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